About Us

1magine team consists of an extraordinary compilation of talent in programming, web design, business strategy and marketing, combined to execute overwhelmingly attractive and supremely functional sites. Our team of highly skilled and specialized professionals provide fully customized solutions catered to your business needs. We go above and beyond for our clients, and are known to impress and exceed our clients expectations!

Meet The Founding Partners

Arif Alim
Web Designer & Front-End Developer

A prolific and innovative designer, programmer and serial entrepreneur. Arif has co-founded several online businesses, including Netnome Inc., and 1Magine Inc. He knows how to differentiate your product and or service in order to reach the masses, and will help you catch their attention!

Delphino Gilbert Cassar II ("Gil")
Programmer & Business Strategist

A savvy businessman and analyst experienced with assessing business viability, positioning, internal controls, growth and development. Strong background in finance, accounting, public relations, HTML, VBA and Wordpress. Gilbert holds a BComm from the University of Toronto, and Masters, ALM, Finance from Harvard University. His Innovative and analytical nature will serve you well!

Jai Lalawat
Senior Software Developer

An experienced software developer with over 8 years in the field of web development. Specializing in Ruby on Rails framework and Php. Over the past years, Jai has developed a many intuitive software and web application and have handled large data. He has extensive knowledge and experience in web and mobile development of complex back-ends. Strong in HTML, ROR, PHP, Ruby, SQL and Mongo DB.

Hammad Siddiqui
Software & Back-End Developer

A genius programmer capable of building anything to meet 1Magination. Hammad has mastered software engineering, develpment and design and is fluent in multiple programming langues such as Ruby on Rails, C#, .NET, SQL, and AJAX. He is graduate of Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto, and served as a Lead Software Engineer for several years at Microsoft.