Miss Bahamas Organization 2017



The Miss Bahamas Beauty Pageant is the official preliminary to Miss World™, independently produced by the Miss Bahamas Organization. Join us in the search for the nation's newest ambassador of beauty!

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The votes are cumulative, and it is vital for you to continue voting for your favorites because your votes will make up 25% of the contestants scores to determine which five (5) will escape the dreaded “chopping block” – the hot seats reserved for the contestants whose combined preliminary scores and votes are the lowest in the competition.

Voting begins on Tuesday June 28 and will be available until Saturday July 23, with the lines officially closing at 6 p.m. EST. No votes cast after this time will be counted towards the People’s Choice vote.

Client: MBO'16

Status: Apps Available on the App Store and Goolge Play

Project Summary: We designed and developed both the website and the apps. The MBO'16 Apps lets you to vote for your favorite contestants with all votes cast counting towards a percentage of the contestants overall standing to reach the Top 5. Each vote carries the same weight, so you are encouraged to vote as many times as you like. You are allowed one free vote each day. Additional votes are also available for sale.

Main Tools: Ruby on Rails, HTML5, jQuery, Angular JS, AJAX, PostgreSQL, CSS3, SCSS, SWIFT/Objective-C & Java

Date span: June 18th - July 6th