Our Mission

Perfec-Tone’s mission is to raise the standards in the cosmetic industry by providing a skin care line for all skin types of ages between 16 and 80 that is unique, simple, safe, effective, and efficient, for superior results in the shortest amount of time possible.

Company Bio

Perfec-Tone was created in 1980, the year Liloutie (Lila) Ramlakhansingh-Pinder moved to the Bahamas from England to help enhance the lives and confidence of others. With her European training in aesthetics & skin care, combined with the assistance of highly trained chemists and doctors from all over the world, Lila formulated a unique and safe product that solved the problem for thousands.

Lila’s sole mission was to create the strongest and most effective product to eliminate most skin problems from the inside out to prevent them from happening again. She is renowned to this day for her fast-acting Perfec-Tone line of products and flawless results.


Client: Perfectone Inc.

Problem: Client wanted a more appealing mobile responsive E-Commerce Website.

Solution: We designed and developed a responsive E-Commerce Website.

Project Summary: Website Design

Main Tools: Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SpreeCommerce, Stripe & Photoshop

Date span: December 2013 - Current